Top 13 SEO Techniques That You Can Use To Get More Traffic

SEO techniques

Have you ever noticed that SEO is ever-changing? Once you think that you know what Google is looking for, it changes its algorithm, and then you have to make a new SEO strategy. The main goal of these SEO Techniques is to get more traffic to your website. There are generally three ways to do that. You can either rank higher for existing keywords, rank for more keywords or get more clicks. Here we have discussed some of the techniques through which you can do the above things.

1. Keep an eye on your competitors

You can get topic ideas from your competitors. So, you should find your competitors’ most trafficked pages and use the Top Pages report. You can also do a competitive analysis report to find the keywords that your competitors rank. With this, you will be able to compare your competitor’s keywords, ranking, and traffic against your own.

2. Focus on low-difficulty topics if you want to fast-track your progress

Using effective SEO tools, you can find keywords that have low Keyword Difficulty (KD) scores. You can also find keywords that have low KD scores and have a certain website with a certain DR ranking. By using tools and applying filters you can find low KD and weak SERPs, where a low DR site is ranking among much higher DR sites.

3. Always refresh the old content if you want to stay relevant on the SERPs

Content marketers always suggest content needs to be updated because ranking does not last forever, especially if your content is time-sensitive. It has shown that when content loses its freshness there is a dip in organic traffic. Searches wanted an up-to-date list of the top Google searches. This is the reason why ranking decreases in old content. But when the content is up to date, the content will rank.

4. You can rank more keywords when you create thorough content

When you cover the relevant subtopics in your content niche then you will rank for more keywords and also get more traffic. There are studies that show that when a page ranks 1 for a keyword, it ranks for almost thousands more keywords in the top 10 on average. You can create more thorough content by filling the content gap.

5. Improve your ranking with high-quality backlinks

Getting high-quality backlinks is the most challenging part of SEO but it is also one of Google’s ranking factors. Many times you see the top-ranking pages for keywords and see that the page is outranking and has fewer referring domains. This is because these numbers do not consider the backlink quality. So, top ranking page outranks because it has more high-quality backlinks.

6. Internal links can help boost important pages

Internal links link your website’s pages to one another. But unlike backlinks, you have complete control over where and how you internally link your website. This is the reason why it is a popular SEO technique, you can point more internal links at pages that need boosts.

7. Fix the broken backlinks

Broken backlinks are one of the most common problems that SEO experts face. People often delete or move pages over time and this results in broken links. Unless you redirect these pages to their new URLs, any backlinks that are pointing to old pages will effectively point to nowhere.

8. Add Expert quotes to improve EEAT

EEAT is the full form of experience, expertise, authority, and trust. When you include expert quotes in your content, you can get backlinks and also improve EEAT.

9. You should create click-worthy search results

Other than ranking on Google, you also need searchers to click on your results. You can do so by doing the following: 

  • The first thing that you should do is write a compelling title tag and also meta description.
  • Another thing to do is add schema markup for rich snippet eligibility.

Search engines like Google show title tags and meta descriptions in search results. So, you have to make them as compelling as possible without creating any clickbait. 

The following are some of the tips that you can use:

  • You should keep it short at around 70 characters.
  • Show that you have what searchers want.
  • You also have to be descriptive
  • Do not focus on over-delivering

You can also use schema markup to make the pages eligible for rich snippets. This is where search engines like Google show additional information to the search snippets.

10. You can build traffic very quickly by winning featured snippets

The short answers that show in some search results are featured snippets. Google pulls them from top-ranking pages. When you win featured snippets, you can rank on Google. So, adding a featured snippet will improve your chances of ranking on Google. 

11. For a better experience optimize core web vitals

Core web vitals are used by Google to measure the user experience. Google measures the page load’s time, interactivity, and stability of the content as it loads. Though Core web vitals are not strong ranking factors they can still make a difference. By hiring a dedicated web developer you can improve your website’s core web vitals

12. You can get easy backlinks by curating industry statistics

One of the great ways to acquire backlinks is by curating backlinks. When bloggers and journalists are looking for statistics they will often search on Google. If they find your article, they unusually reference it using backlinks. So creating a statistics post focused on your industry is a powerful way to acquire backlinks. 

13. Create Content Hubs

Content hubs are typically interlinked collections of content about a topic. The main benefit of content hubs is that one of your subpages gets lots of backlinks and they get stronger and potentially rank higher. When a person already has content on their website, the easiest way to create a content hub is by reorganizing the related pages around a new “hub” page. If you want to create a new content hub then the most effective way to find a topic is to look at your competitors’s top subfolders.

Wrapping Up

If you want more search traffic to your website then you will require that your content rank higher for existing keywords. You will also want to rank for more keywords and get more clicks. There are several SEO techniques that you can use and some of them are mentioned above.

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